People and Terms


Jordan:  A mercenary in his late teens.  Kind and caring, but willing to fight to protect others.  Favors a halberd, but also carries a revolver and a light rifle.

Sarah:  Jordan’s sister, and his partner as a mercenary.  Professional, collected and calm, though with a playful side that she shows when not on duty or in front of her bosses.  Has enhanced strength, and the ability to fire shots of superheated air and sonic vibrations.

Chris:  Jordan and Sarah’s younger brother.  A Tinker who appears to have the specialty of metamaterials.

Brenda:  A Thinker who can see possible futures.  She can see more possibilities and further into the future around other parahumans, with the downside of not being able to turn off her power unless her eyes are closed or covered.

Dr. Alcomb:  A doctor at Mother’s Hospital.

Roger Hale:  The owner of the caravan Jordan and Sarah guard.  He is contracted with the city of New Brockton.

Amy Hale:  Roger’s daughter and business partner.

Quincy Munteanu:  A negotiator for New Brockton between mercenaries and the city.

Nathan and Taylor:  A pair who work for Dragon and Defiant.

John Roman:  A con man.  Has the ability to change his density.

Karen Ruddy:  A mercenary who works with the Hales.

Manuel Sanchez:  A young but eager mercenary.  Looks to Roger as a father figure.

Emi Sorseki:  A young woman originally from Iiga Village in Pennsylvania Gimmel.  A Mover who displaces air when she teleports.


Cape:  An outdated term for parahumans.  See Parahumans.

Mother’s Hospital:  Run by Nilbog and Riley, it offers quite possibly the best care before or after Gold Morning.

New Brockton:  The first city built in Earth Gimmel.  Acts as a major trade center between the various Earths.  Has portals to the main occupied Earths, and has spread to have at least an outpost on the other side of these portals.  This includes the remains of Brockton Bay.

Parahuman:  People with powers.  Also known as “paras.”

Trigger:  The event that causes a person’s powers to develop.

Triggered:  A common term for Parahuman.

Twain:  A city built in the Mark Twain cave system that Tinkers tend to flock to.  Also a major manufacturing center of small or mid-sized goods.


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