Setanta is an unofficial fan-sequel to the web-serial Worm, by Wildbow.  As such, I claim ownership only for the original characters and words that I write here; the setting and previously-established characters are the intellectual property of Wildbow.  Please support him and his works.

It should be noted that this work contains spoilers for Worm.  While reading it is not necessary to enjoy this story, it is strongly advised.  Spoilers will be unmarked and frequent.

Twenty years after the events of Worm, humanity struggles to continue on.  A severely diminished population and shattered infrastructure has left humanity in dire straits; some places live in relative closeness to the modern day, while others are closer to the dark ages.  Strange creatures roam the lands, people gain super powers, and even basic commodities like gasoline can be hard to secure.

The story focuses on a young man named Jordan, a mercenary with simple dreams.  But dreams are always difficult to realize, and sometimes a person is pushed in strange directions.  And in this dangerous world, sometimes it’s the ones with hope that will suffer the most, and be the most dangerous.


“Who are you?”

Right now, I’m some douchebag who goes by Errant Vagrant.  Ritic is my best friend who fell asleep with his laptop in his lap.  Rather than risk him damaging it, I nabbed it and am currently writing this to see if he learns to go to bed when he’s tired.  Plus I want to see how long it’ll take for him to realize I’ve done this and wipe it out.

“Okay, why does he go by Ritic?”

Because some big smelly jerk who smells (and who may or may not go by Errant Vagrant) called him that on the Parahumans subreddit and locked him into it.  He isn’t pleased about this fact.

“Has he written anything else?”

Yes, quite a bit.


Stuff.  He tends to go by a lot of names in order to let each work stand on its own merits. He’s kind of dumb like that.  He used to write non-smut fanfics for 4chan once upon a time.  He runs ARGs, he’s posted a ton of stuff here and there.  Good luck tracing it back to him, though.  Which is a pity, his fans should be able to find his stuff.  An even bigger pity is that he deletes so much of what he writes.  Writers, am I right?

“I like his stuff.  Will he write more?”

We’re about to go live with a few other projects, all original works.  I’m helping him with an ARG, amongst other things.  Currently, I’m trying to convince him to follow in Wildbow’s footsteps and monetize his skills by setting up a Patreon for his original works.  It’s an uphill battle.  Like I said, for as smart of a guy as he is, he can be dumb at times.

“Is he going to be mad at you for writing this?”

I’m like PsychoGecko, only more mature.  You expect stuff like this out of me.  I’m not doing this out of maliciousness, but because he needs a kick in the ass on occasion to do the right thing.  He’s my best friend, and I want him to use his skills to better himself, or at least do what he loves.  If antics like this help, then so be it.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Errant Vagrant is a giant asshole, but I’m still leaving it like this.  December 30, and I’m only now noticing.  It’s good enough, anyway.


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